İşkenceye Karşı Komite, Türkiye Sonuç Gözlemlerini açıkladı

25 Kasım 2010

Komitenin sonuç gözlemlerine İngilizce olarak asağıdaki linkten ulaşabilirsiniz.

Türkiye için Sonuç Gözlemleri: İşkenceye Karşı Komite (Concluding observations of the Committee against Torture)

Çocuklarla ilgili kısımlarını ise aşağıda bulabilirsiniz:

Fiziki Cezalandırma

The Committee, while noting the amendment to the Civil Code in 2002 which removed parents’ right of correction, is concerned at the lack of an explicit prohibition of corporal punishment in the home and in alternative settings in the domestic legislation as well as at reports that corporal punishment is widely used by parents and is still considered to have educational value in schools. (art. 16) The Committee should clarify beyond doubt the legal status of corporal punishment in schools and penal institutions and, as a matter of priority, prohibit it in the home, alternative settings and, if appropriate, schools and penal institutions.

Tutuklu Çocuklar

While welcoming the 2010 amendments to the Law on Combating Terrorism which prohibits trial on charges of terrorism of juveniles who attend illegal meetings and demonstrations or distribute propaganda material for outlawed organizations and reduce of penalties applied to those accused of terrorism-related offences, the Committee is concerned at reports that children continue to be detained in unrecorded adult pre-charge facilities following arrest during demonstration, including in the Anti-Terrorism Branch of Security Directorate rather than in the Children’s Branch. Further, the Committee is concerned at reports of ill-treatment of children while held in unofficial places of detention and that interrogations have occurred without legal assistance or the presence of an adult or legal guardian. While noting information from the representative of the State party that most sentences do not exceed two years of imprisonment, the Committee is concerned at reports that children allegedly continue to be sentenced to long periods of imprisonment. (art. 16)