We are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on 20 November 2009. That's why, this web site is an anniversary gift for you. Know your rights and live with the awareness of your rights!

What will I find in this site?

This web page is created for you dear children to learn this important thing, the so-called "children's rights". On this website you will learn children's rights with "GAMES", "VIDEOS" and "STORIES". In addition to these, "CHILDREN RIGHTS" tells you about children's rights agreement, "LINKS" recommends several other websites that are also made for you about children's rights. You can learn important dates from "SPECIAL DAYS" link too. On the right side by clicking on Turkey and the U.S. flags you can see the Turkish and English versions of the web site. Come on, do not stop, move and start to enjoy...


We are a group of students from Bilkent University Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education Duygu Simsek, Mustafa Bektik, Rukiye Altin, Can Koray, Omer Canbek Oner, Merve Sadetas, Hilal Sener and Nuray Eksioğlu and students from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Christopher Routh, Ching-Chen Ma, and Christine Price. We created this website with ICC (International Children's Center) for you dear students as our international term project.

Web page designer Ferhat Taslicukur , author of the original scenarios of the stories and videos Duygu Altintas , our director of video shots Esra Baysal , our cameraman shooting the video Hakan Güngör , and the very successful little actors and actresses of the video Arzum Baysal , Tamer Sari, Ilker Kizilkaya and Sila Yuney .

Our supervisors Lori Russell Dağ and Archana Chidanandan for their infinite patience and understanding during the entire process. Our mentor Reyyan Ayfer who provides such an opportunity to us, to make a dream come true. And ICC and Adem Arkadaş who inform valuable support about the issue.

We are eternally grateful to everyone who contribute efforts on this project.